Announcing MobileCoin 0.2

Announcing MobileCoin 0.2

Today marks our first scheduled breaking change to the TestNet blockchain. If all goes well, your version 0.1 client software will stop working.

As part of today’s test, we also reset the blockchain. You can collect a fresh allocation of TestNet mobilecoins using your unique master key.

We will be running a testnet contest shortly. Details to follow soon.

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Working smoothly :sunglasses: !

It’s an improvement :grinning:

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What a reward you can get for participating in the test net?

There is no reward at this time. We are deep in the MobileCoin secret laboratories crafting up some shenanigans.


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Very smooth and fast :star_struck:, but there is grammatical error when checking balance.

Message given “Your balance was …”, should be “Your balance is …” :nerd_face:

Interesting. I would like to be outwitted by your shenanigans.

I think we actually do mean “was” in this case, at the time displayed in the timestamp. We always give you your balance as it was a few seconds ago in the past – specifically at the time you asked to check your balance! There’s always some chance that you received a payment in the most recent block and that your balance would increase if you checked it immediately again.

Confirmed. 0.1 stopped working.

Where is the link to the new version?

The link on Github for running on MAC seems to still point to the 0.1 version and running that with my master key doesn’t work.

The error was: RpcFailure: 14-UNAVAILABLE failed to connect to all addresses

Terminated: 15


Saving session…

…copying shared history…

…saving history…truncating history files…


[Process completed]

You should be able to fetch it for OSX with latest commit :

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I got the same error when my WiFi mesh network was blocking the http local host connection. You might try creating a hotspot on your phone, connecting to it and rerun the script again
Worked for me. Hth.

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Agreed. I thought better of my post only afterwards. But the point is probably moot as any UX will probably abstract that language away in any case and just use a numerical output for remaining balance etc.

When MobileCoin is integrated into chat apps, all of the “master key” and “payment request” codes will be managed in the background so the experience will be a lot simpler. There are still some edge cases when connections drop or people lose their phones but most of the time it should feel as easy as carrying cash in your pocket. The “payment request” codes will stick around as QR codes that let you pay for things online.


Thanks. I understand the main use case for MOB is chat apps, but is there a reason with greater adoption it can’t be used on payment platforms like Amazon? Or does the privacy tech limit its application?

I expect MobileCoin will migrate from peer-to-peer to online merchants and then eventually to point of sale commerce and beyond. Since the currency is a decentralized community asset, anybody who wants to start a company or a project using MobileCoin is free to do so. There’s always a chicken and egg problem for new payment rails because consumers need places to use the tech and merchants need consumer to want to use it. It took many years for credit cards to catch on, and Ant hired an army to get Alipay started. Wechat pay had red envelopes… BTC had 10+ years of carefully constructed mining incentives. Our plan is to get started by staying focused on fulfilling a pressing need for a peer to peer community that understands the cultural importance of privacy for freedom. From there, MobileCoin will have to compete on UX, brand, price, convenience, and the value of privacy for mechant adoption… but anybody who has tried to start a small business on Shopify knows how painful charge-backs and arbitrary PayPal asset freezes can be – I really think there is a place for a truly functional digital cash online payments system and I’m excited to see what the MobileCoin community builds!

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Interesting: yesterday my WiFi network was blocking the 0.2 testnet app so I created a hotspot. Today I’m able to connect directly. Did the team do something?

Right on, the future for MobileCoin looks bright indeed. I agree there is a definite need for truly decentralized p2p privacy based online crypto transactions. And that need will only grow with time. I think it might be said that personal freedom can be gauged by the degree to which an individual is able to remain anonymous/private in their daily affairs.

mobilecoind is at block #763, network is at block #763.

the mobilecoind and network mean different testnet?

This message means your local copy of the ledger and the remote copy distributed amongst the validators are in sync. When you first start up mobilecoind, it’ll take some time to download and process the blocks depending on your internet speed and cpu.

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