Any JavaScript-SDK coming?

Congratulations for the Android and iOS SDK’s !!! :+1:

Any JavaScript SDK coming?

I’m interested in website interaction with MobileCoin network with nodeJS.

The goal would be to run a hot wallet on a website so it can accept MobileCoin payements for any kind of application:

  1. sending tips
  2. fund raising
  3. accessing premium content via micro payement
  4. payment for online shopping

The classic user experience would be: for any of the above application, the website would display a payment QR code, the user would scan it with its MobileCoin phone wallet, and with the help of the JavaScript-SDK, the website would be able to detect the payment and act accordingly.

Hi @Stephan,

We don’t have a fully javascript SDK, but please see the desktop-wallet, which is wrapping the “Full Service” wallet jsonrpc backend in an electron app, featuring plenty of javascript.

Please note also - both of these are WIP and in pre-release state!