Circulating/Total supply?

What is the current circulating supply and total supply of MOB?
Also is mob mintable? If so, how?

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Supply: 250mill MOB
Circulating supply: impossible to know (‘circulating’ is pretty hard to define anyway)
Mintable: not without hard fork (hopefully - never)

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If its not mintable, no POS or POW, then all supply has already been created( out of thin air)
Distributed to devs, founding company & advisors presumably!
What’s in it for the layman?

Not sure what you mean. If you find the project valuable, then you can obtain some coins one way or another, and use them how you see fit.

You can always run a validator node. Check out mobilecoin/ at master · mobilecoinfoundation/mobilecoin · GitHub

What are the ways to obtain coins besides buying them?

I suppose you could request donations.

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CoinMarketCap seems to not have gotten the memo that there is a fixed supply. They show supply as “no data”.

I think someone has to send them a message for it to be updated.