Desktop Wallets

Our current Desktop Wallet offerings have 4 options for front-end/middleware, and 2 options for the backend.

The front-end/middleware comes in a few flavors:

The backend options are either:

The main difference between the backends is that mobilecoind was designed to be reconstructable from the ledger alone, so that you do not need to worry about backing up transient state. Full Service was designed to feature a full ORM to support things like transaction history, but you will need to be cognizant about backing up the database.


I checked this: GitHub - mobilecoinofficial/desktop-wallet: A user-friendly desktop wallet.
The Roadmap (upcoming changes and initiatives) sounds great!
When will ALL the mentioned changes and initiatives be implemented?
You have to keep in mind, that not all people interested in this issue are freaks and “techies”. So, could you then provide some, easy to understand, information about “how to install and implement” such MobileCoin Electron Wallet. A video about this issue would be very helpful.
Thanks for your consideration.


Desktop Wallet latest release at:

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