Different fees in the mobilecoin blockchain

Hi everyone,
some days ago I played with the RPC Api of MobileCoin.
When I send the rpc consensus_common.BlockchainAPI.GetLastBlockInfo, I’ve got a map of fees which was kind of confusing for me.

index: 1582477
mob_minimum_fee: 400000000
minimum_fees {
  key: 0
  value: 400000000
minimum_fees {
  key: 1
  value: 2560
minimum_fees {
  key: 8192
  value: 2560
network_block_version: 3

That is what the response looked like, and I got no clue why there are so many different fees out there!
Can anyone help me understand the fee map?

Thank you very much in advance!


Hey there! Thanks for this great question.

Fees can be paid in two different ways at this time, depending on the coin or token being sent. If you’re using MOB, the transaction is paid for in MOB. If you’re using eUSD, then the transaction is paid for in eUSD. This frees up people from having to worry about whether they have enough of one token or another for transaction fees! Much better for everyone.

Key 0 is likely MOB, and key 1 is likely eUSD. Not sure what key 8192 is, but the core team might know. If you need more information about this, I highly recommend joining the Discord server! That’s where you can most easily interact with the core protocol team, FOG team, Moby team, etc.

I hope that’s helpful! Have a great day.

Indeed, it was!
Thank you so much!