Does not received coins

Hello! My name is Ilya.

I have send coins from HotBit to FTX and not received them on FTX. HotBit said that transaction is completed successfully, however no incoming transaction in FTX. I was written to support FTX and they said that they can’t handle this issue because they can’t find transaction details by transaction identifier… I found possible issue but I don’t know how to make it works. I have written to HotBit and want them to check if it is possible to cancel transaction and keep coins on HotBit wallet. So I’m waiting for their response now. If someone has faced with this issue and knows the solution please help :pray:

Thanks, Ilya

HotBit just answered me:

through our check, your withdrawal has been sent successfully to the chain.
If you do not receive it, please contact the receiving platform for help.

Also I have asked them for transaction details and they answered:

It is a private chain, so we cannot locate it, you have to contact the receiving platfrom

FTX answer was the same “It’s private chain and they can’t get details” :frowning:
So I don’t know what I should do now… Can someone help me with it :pray: ?

There are some details that mb could help:

address: rMgFypzeXp8GPKkKxXAH3BpBLG4pB3MfPA3CGvaA9o2xaCMyZEwQg9uGQj4T2kJnVmCGobMpHdMBgN6LgnPZXs8wk4ygwo2ChVZErXgT4a

txid: 923c35971272906390c08e79d6d873b209aba8cff06373ae67358eaa48ef3469:3cc6f197f1bd176745fe0f6a868f676d56c1edb3dc8d61b791639fb25127b02c:6164

Thanks, Ilya.

Hi Ilya,

Happy to help investigate this! Looking now.