Finstreet X MobileCoin (Educational Awareness Campaign)

Hello Community Members,

I’m Pallavi from Finstreet. We are hereby sharing our plans & strategies to create awareness around the MobileCoin in Southeast Asia. Feel free to share your thoughts on the plan of action shared below :


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Grant Name/Reference

Educational Awareness Campaign in India | Finstreet X MobileCoin

MobileCoin Educational Awareness Campaign

Finstreet is India’s First Crypto & Blockchain Education Platform… Our platform acts as an easily accessible medium, an onboarding solution for a generic audience to learn about the easy access to DeFi Networks, platforms & crypto exchange

Proposal Overview

India is one of the fastest growing countries in terms of Crypto adoption. We are seeing a massive surge of users and crypto enthusiasts participating, onto DeFi protocols, use DeFi Network & DeFi earning platforms. This makes it the perfect time to direct these interests within the community. Our goal is to create an Educational video series aimed to create awareness about the MobileCoin blockchain and its Ecosystem within the Indian and southeast asian community. This is how Finstreet will implement it:

Our Aim

  • Introducing MobileCoin to the potential crypto users and developers educating them about the MobileCoin. India has one of the highest crypto adoption rates which makes this a great opportunity for organic growth. Our campaign will introduce and bring more Crypto users and Developers from the Indian Crypto community onto MobileCoin.
  • Organizing dedicated sessions & webinars to attract users and developers onto MobileCoin.
  • Educate people about the MobileCoin features with the use cases e.g.How users can dive into the API and SDKs to connect to MobileCoin. How users can connect their Wallets, mobile SDKs, JSON RPC APIs and more. How developers can learn about Mobilecoin open-source blockchain software.
  • To increase participation onto the platform, Community and more
  • Create Brand awareness among the Indian crypto community.
  • Detailed introduction of the MobileCoin Ecosystem.
  • Regular coverage on any new feature launch on MobileCoin.
  • Help in creating strong brand recall value amongst the DeFi and crypto community.
  • Rank MobileCoin videos organically on YouTube using both long-tail and short-tail keywords to reflect the campaign in global searches and keywords.

Similar traction we aim to bring towards MobileCoin with our campaign videos & dedicated sessions organically.

Proposer Background :

Finstreet is India’s First Blockchain & Crypto Education Institute. We have been on a journey to onboard Crypto users & crypto enthusiasts to Web3.0 space and help people initiate their journey in Crypto with easy to understand educational videos.

Channels for distribution:

More than 2.1 Million + people in the crypto and blockchain interested community.

YouTube 75K subscribers

DailyHunt Josh 1.4 million+ followers

Moj 140K
Finstreet website | 60K+ registered users

Key Facts:

  • 2.1M+ followers altogether
  • 17 million-plus monthly views on all platforms
  • 4.3 million impressions per month on YouTube
  • Verified profiles on all the short video platforms
  • 20% month on month growth
  • We are the Biggest Crypto niche influencer providing educational content in Hindi and English
  • Targeting niche Indian audience

Mandates of MobileCoin Educational Awareness Campaign

The purpose is to increase growth and awareness about MobileCoin & the features of the products in the ecosystem to the Indian crypto community: Onboarding users and developers in the platform and creating educational awareness about the advantages & unique features of MobileCoin Ecosystem. Cultivating a connection of the Indian community with the project. Through our campaign we would like to bring a developer base and traction towards the MobileCoin Blockchain.

To meet our purpose, we will focus actively to increase brand visibility through cross channel quality content creation and distribution along with webinar meetup sessions amongst DeFi users.

MobileCoin Video Series will include the following video format:

  1. Daily Crypto News
  2. Review videos
  3. Interviews with core committee members
  4. New updates videos
  5. Explainers on the best use cases around Privacy.
  6. Tutorials & use cases videos
  7. Webinar sessions amongst potential users and top web3 communities.

MobileCoin Webinar Meet-ups:

Crypto Users & Devs Meet-ups in top web3 communities, Finance & coding clubs to onboard potential users onto MobileCoin ecosystem.

Project Implementation Plan

Finstreet is offering the following to kick start its campaign for MobileCoin:

  1. 5 Product Explainer & Tutorial Videos for wallets how to install it, Explaining the History and Background of MobileCoin. Detailed Tutorials on Moby, Signal Messenger, Mixin Messenger, Fennec Wallet and more.
  2. Product Review Video showing all the advantages & merits of MobileCoin over other platforms and use of MobileCoin Exchanges US and non-US.
  3. Explainers and Review on Developers Tools like WooCommerce, Desktop Wallet, Block Explorer.
  4. Detailed Explainers on iOS SDK, Android SDK, and more.
  5. 5 Dedicated news updates (Biweekly basis)
  6. News Banners for 1 month in all the videos with best use cases (approx in 100+ videos on Finstreet channel)
  7. 5 engaging themed short videos each posted on all platforms (5*4 = 20 videos) to create awareness around MobileCoin (alternate days of a week).
  8. Webinar meet-ups in top Web3 communities & clubs connecting interested users and developers with MobileCoin & telling them the benefits of getting onboarded on MobileCoin Ecosystem.

Value To MobileCoin

We definitely believe & looking to create a long-term asset for MobileCoin through our educational campaigns.

  • Keeping the vision in mind of creating regular narrative via campaign & providing the quality information around MobileCoin to motivate the masses is our main goal.
  • The content created can be used as helping videos to get through for the users who want to use MobileCoin and upcoming projects.
  • Key KPIs to be achieved with the campaign: 12 million views on content related to MobileCoin and 25 million+ impressions of the entire campaign.
  • To attract 2000+ Crypto Users on MobileCoin . To attract potential developers on the MobileCoin Ecosystem.
  • To bring an active user base on MobileCoin, increase active transactions platform.

Persona Of The Developers and Footfall

Our sphere of influence extends to more than 750 esteemed tech institutions across the country, each housing dedicated coding clubs and Blockchain societies brimming with talent and innovation.

Our outreach encompasses an average of 40 enthusiastic members per institution, a diverse pool of potential developers ripe for engagement. Imagine the incredible magnitude of their collective potential, and the invaluable contributions they could make to your platform, MobileCoin.

Our mission is to act as a conduit between you and these burgeoning developers, a mission we aim to achieve through meticulously planned online meet-up sessions. These webinars are intended to acquaint developers with MobileCoin, exploring its cutting-edge features, the undeniable merits of your platform, and the unprecedented opportunities it presents.

To ensure maximum reach and consistent engagement, we will implement a comprehensive communication strategy. This includes regularly circulated emails and messages designed to spark interest, engage their curiosity, and ultimately, create an inviting, vibrant community around MobileCoin.

What sets our approach apart is the active involvement of our Finstreet Ambassadors during these sessions. Each webinar is expected to host over 400 developers hailing from 10-12 different institutions, a testament to the powerful network our ambassadors have built. Their insight, guidance, and influence are instrumental in not just introducing developers to Reprint, but also fostering a long-lasting relationship with them.

We genuinely believe this initiative could dramatically enhance the adoption and engagement of developers with MobileCoin, leading to innovation and growth for your platform.

Campaign + Webinar Scheduling Process

The MobileCoin community members will be given a content calendar within a week of confirmation of the campaign. The date and Time of each video will be mentioned and the community members will be notified 1.5 weeks before theWebinar sessions, to finalize speakers from the MobileCoin community members and feasibility of time and date.

  1. We want to start our campaign by creating a buzz around the use cases of MobileCoin through short videos on our short video platforms to reach a broader demographic.
  2. After the publication of 2 short Videos, we will start our YouTube campaign with Product 2 Tutorial videos. After which we conduct our 1st Webinar session.
  3. After the completion of the 1st Webinar, we will be posting 1 Review Video, Final Product Tutorial Video and 2 short videos, before we conduct the 2nd Webinar.
  4. Finally, we will complete the campaign with 1 Ranking video and 1 Short Video.

Grant Timeline

The campaign will be 2.5 - 3 Months long.

Funding Request

Budget: We are looking for a total grant of $8500

Milestone 1: Our request is $4000 at the start of the process.

Milestone 2: Next tranche of $4500 after 50% of the campaign i.e. 3 tutorials + reviews on the platforms, 4 short videos are published on respective platforms and 1 webinar session with developers & builders.

Budget Breakdown

We are Aiming for the campaign to last 3 Months.

Funds from the grant will be used in the following activities:

A) Cost of the following activities:

  1. Research of the content
  2. Designing the creatives
  3. Content architecture
  4. Video Content Production
  5. Quality Assurance
  6. Quarterly reports

B) Setup cost

  1. Monthly Infrastructure cost.
  2. Miscellaneous operational expenses.

Additional Information

Results of our recent collaborations:

  • We were able to garner more than 7800+ active users & 25 million+ impressions for WazirX in the last 6 months.
  • We are able to get 3800+ signups over Huobi Global with our campaign in just 3 months.

Along with this, we have partnered with AAVE, Polygon(Matic), Near Protocol, Algorand, FIRO, Balancer, Bancor, Zcash, Huobi Global, Deribit & more such projects.

Additional Links

You can take a look at our Linktree. You can see our work that we have done previously.

We have been announced as Official Educational Partner of platforms like: Algorand, NEAR Protocol, Firo and official community supporter of Polygon and Chainlink.

Take a look at our work, links to our social media channels are all mentioned here:

The track of all the content will be updated regularly for the team in the content calendar (excel sheet), that we will be sharing before starting the campaign.


Hi Community Members,

I hope you had a great weekend!

It would be great if we could know your views regarding the possible collaboration between MobileCoin and Finstreet.

We would like to bring the potential Developers and users to MobileCoin from our Indian and South-East Asian Community.

We are looking forward to your response.

Thank you!

Partnership Manager at Finstreet