Fog Service and Fog URL

Hi, Mobilecoin community.

How is it going these days? Mobiecoin has a lot of cool stuff which I don’t understand well. Such as “Fog Service” and “Fog URL”, I haven’t seen these in other blockchain projects. Could you explain it to me? Very appreciate.

there is no possible for any blockchain wallet runing based on mobile devices because of the massive ledge.
mobilecoin wallet may sync the ledge with “fog service”? so everyone could use mobilecoin wallet on their mobile devices avoid any 3rd part broker wallet service risk.
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We expect it to take about 3-5 seconds to sync right now. As the blockchain becomes larger it will take MUCH longer to sync. If it’s taking longer right now, you might have a blocked networking port or something? We can help troubleshoot if you post logs.

This gets at the heart of one of the core problems of privacy preserving cryptocurrency systems: how does a user get their balance quickly? One way is to run a full node and check every transaction in the ledger against your view key. That works fine for an individual, but it won’t work for a service provider. Even if you gave your view key to a service provider to check, the service provider would have to check every view key in their database against every incoming transaction (in Big O notation we would describe this as order N^2, which is bad).

The punchline is that every single privacy protecting cryptocurrency has this problem… Until now. We have a solution that we call Fog that reduces it to roughly 1 operation per transaction (O(N)) instead of 1 operation per user per transaction (O(N^2)). We call this Fog , as in a cloud you can’t see through. We haven’t unveiled the design for this, but once we do, you’ll be able to connect to Fog and have just a thin client on your desktop or phone instead of having to download the ledger AND you’ll be able to do that with a reasonable security model for Fog.

Fog isn’t announced yet and we haven’t dropped docs for it, but it’s coming ;).



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Thanks for answering this Trans!

@Satoshi: Fog is a service that is not yet fully announced that helps service providers manage user accounts in a confidential fashion (IE without the service provider being able to know what activities a user is performing or even which users are a part of their system). This is one of the competitive differentiators for MobileCoin.



Thank you! I look forward to seeing it launch. :smiley:

Hi, @Josh . Some of our customer want to withdraw to the Fog address of their Signal app. Is there any document about how to transfer mob to the Fog address with mobilecoind?