General Questions from an Ignorant Fan


Firstly, I apologize for my English. I am still working on it and my level is not the most professional.

Secondly, I am very technically not-savvy.

I have some questions that I am hoping someone with more experience and knowledge can help me with. I have looked for the answers to my questions but have not found any direct topics.

Where do the Mobile Coins that are being transacted on the current exchanges (for instance FTX) originally come from? Since it is my understanding that the MOB can not be mined. Who were the first people to begin the sale of it? Are the MOB that is being bought and sold currently just options or derivatives? Or are they actual coins? If I were to buy some MOB, would I be able to transfer it to a cold wallet and one day use it? Also, do you recommend any certain type of hardware wallet?

I appears that Mobile Coin will be the nearest crypto currency that will truthfully fulfill the functions of what cryptocurrencies were created for. I think this will be the future. I hope to see it realized.

Thank you for any assistance and for tolerating my ignorance.

I hope your day is wonderful.

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