How similar is the TestNet client to a working mainnet client?

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I’m pretty psyched that you use Rust as the main language for the project. As I have just finished a small Android App that uses Rust as a backend and Java as a frontend and the testnet client is written in Rust I wondered how similar the finished mainnet would be to the Testnet. If the client’s main functions would work in mainnet as well, I could start setting up a small Android client that uses the Testnet’s client as the backend and gradually build on it. Mostly for the fun of it really. Haven’t looked too much into the code base however…

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I think for Android development you may be better off waiting a bit longer for the android SDK to be added to the public repository.

The testnet client connects to the mobilecoind api. If you wanted to write a java wallet that used mobilecoind in the same way, you might take a look at the example code here:

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