I bought MBBC in 2018 and I see the coin is now called MOB

I am new to this, but need help to understand what to do to access my investment.
In 2018 I contacted MobileCoin - and via email, I purchased 6338 MBCC for 2BTC
They sent me a BTC wallet address and confirmed that they had received the 2BTC and that I had bought 6338 MBCC.
Since then, the company seems to have disappeared - and yesterday I saw that they are partnering with Signal for a mobile payment system. When I read the article, I saw the coin is now called MOB.
I need help to get access to my investment and have no clue how to proceed.
Please advise

MBCC? Never had to do anything with MOB… Sounds like you’ve been scammed…


Thank for the reply.
Please note - MOB was not around in 2018- all the web reports and articles at the time were for MBCC.
If I recall , I contacted them because of an article on Moxie.
Did the links you provided show MBCC to be a scam - am not sure what to make of it ?

Hey! I’ve been loosely following Mobilecoin since the early announcements from time to time as well but I have not once stumbled upon MBCC or even heard about it to be honest.
The token name MBCC doesn’t even work with MobileCoin - what does the second c stand for? That thing screams scam on so many levels…
Sorry for your financial losses…

Hi Anton,

MBCC was not affiliated with MobileCoin. They originally launched as Mobile Block Chain Coin (MBCC) and then changed their name to MobileCoin in an attempt to confuse people into thinking their coin was the one our community created. You can see the bitcointalk forum post here: [BOUNTY][ICO][ANN] MBCC - THE NEXT REVOLUTION CRYPTOCURRENCY - FB, TW, Subscr

MobileCoin has never done an ICO. I am sorry for the experience you’re having but MBCC is not MobileCoin.


Hi Joshua

Thank you for letting me know, just wish I knew of a way to investigate that BTC wallet

where I transferred the BTC to – there should be cops tackling shit like this- rather than

running around arresting people for not wearing masks – no justice in this world…

Kind regards


You can actually report these kinds of things to Interpol or the FBI and they do have cybercrimes teams that work on scams. They’re not always successful but they do track down criminals sometimes. I’m not sure how to help you get in touch but you might try poking around.