I have a question about Mobile Coin Korean Branch

Hello, I am a citizen in South Korea.
One of my acquaintance invested in Mobile Coin through Korean Branch.
But, I have found some suspicious things about Korean Branch.
These are the situations.

  1. They introduce themselves as an official Mobile Coin Korean Branch. It’s name is “Mobile Unreal” (https://mobilecoin.direct/)
  2. This is its business structure. Investors invest certain amount of investment money, and “Mobile Unreal” guarantees certain percentage of profit every single day. They distribute their profit to the investors with mix of cash and Mobile Coin.
  3. “Mobile Unreal” also sells Mobile Coin Mining Machine for high price.
  4. “Mobile Unreal” insists that they arranged the meeting with headquarter of Mobile Coin in San Francisco on Jan. 2023.

I have found some suspicious business structures of “Unreal Mobile”, but they still insist “Mobile Unreal” is an official Korean branch of Mobile Coin.

I am worried about my friend, so I made a decision to post on here.
If “Mobile Unreal” is an official Korean Branch of Mobile Coin, it would be relieved. However, if “Mobile Unreal” is one of the scam that impersonates Mobile Coin, we need to protect other innocent victims ASAP.

Please let me know whether Mobile Coin is an official partnership with “Mobile Unreal” in Korea.

Thank you, and I am looking forward for your reply.

Hello, that website has no relation to MobileCoin. “Mobile Unreal” is not affiliated with the MobileCoin Foundation or MobileCoin Inc. That is not the “Korean branch” of MobileCoin.

From what you describe, “Mobile Unreal” is running a Ponzi ring and you should avoid using it. You should contact your own local financial agencies and law enforcement.