Is 64-bit OS required?

Hi all (first post).

Is a 64-bit OS required to run mobilecoin-testnet-linux?

I’m trying to execute the latest release (v1.0.0-pre7) on a clean, fully-updated 32-bit Raspberry Pi B but am getting a “Cannot execute binary file: Exec format error” message. I reckon this is because the binary requires a 64-bit OS but would appreciate if anyone could confirm.

Yes, all balances are in u64 (unsigned 64-bit integers). I’m not sure if that’s the cause of your error though. We’ll look into it!


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Thanks for the confirmation @Josh. I tried compiling from source as well but hit errors with Docker, presumably because of the same thing. I’ll try to get hold of a 64-bit environment and try again.

Hello! I would like to participate in the testing! Is it possible?
What are the minimum computer specifications required to install a node?
Will the node run on Raspberry Pi 4 4Gb?

Hi @Ilya What kind of node would you like to run?
If you want to run a consensus validator node, you can check this out: Hardware Requirements for Consensus Validator
If you want to run a ledger sync node, you can look at:
mobilecoin/mobilecoind at master · mobilecoinfoundation/mobilecoin · GitHub
If you want to run the watcher node, here is info: mobilecoin/watcher at master · mobilecoinfoundation/mobilecoin · GitHub