Is there any way to get MOB now?

Nice, the price from back in January when I requested to purchase coins will suit me well :slight_smile:

Hey Josh,

I’m also wondering what the “market clearing price that is defined at the time you request to purchase coins” means exactly? Is it the price at the time of my first request via (feels a loong ago price-wise) or after you announce the site is actually live? Would make hella difference :wink:


Is this actually the case?

Why do I have to deposit (purchase) some BitCoin to exchange for MOB (see point 4 and 5 How to get MobileCoin into your Signal Wallet [for UK beta users] | by MobileCoin Foundation | Apr, 2021 | Medium )?

@MUCOS Since this video shows how to purchase MOB through, this is what we understand the current process to be on FTX. Thanks! Emily

Presently there’s no direct way to purchase MobileCoin from us. We’re working through it but the direct purchasing with credit cards has been more difficult to setup than we had hoped. There’s been progress on this front but we don’t have timelines. An integration that was originally supposed to be very short has become difficult, but I think we’re nearing solutions.

Believe me, I want nothing more than to bring online.

For now your only option is to use or an app on mixin messenger. FTX is a lot easier if you’re new.