Mac Os 10.11x version , Mobilecoin Wallet Delay to passprase

Hi, I am a student interested in Mobile coin in Korea ! :grin:
I am trying to make a wallet on the official website and log in, but I can not go in. The blue circle keeps spinning !
and I want to run a node because so really interesting about this, but can not access of downloading homepage on Github.

I am interesting in Blockchain and various developmets, but I dont know where to start studying and how to get my way.

What is the main difference between Linux and Mac Os developement?

I am now learning basic of these studying on youtube.


Hey there! Welcome to the community once again.

I don’t know what link you clicked on to get to that 404 error, but you can access the latest releases at Release MobileCoin Clients 1.1.2 · mobilecoinfoundation/mobilecoin · GitHub.

I tried the download links from as well, and both worked fine for me.

Thanks a lot !!! :grin:
Is there a MAC version?

Yes there is, you can find the link to download it in the menu at :slight_smile:

Here’s the direct link: