Mac wallet seems stuck on "create wallet"

I wiped an old mac laptop and installed the mobilecoin wallet from the website. After entering my passphrase, I get a blue spinner over the “create” button… it’s been there for a long time so I think something it broken?

Any troubleshooting advice?

Found a log file in “~/Library/Logs/MobileCoin Wallet” – it reports an error:

Cannot find latest-mac.yml in the latest release artifacts ( HttpError: 404

This is reproducible and hangs the wallet. I can quit after acknowledging a notice about the ledger not being downloaded (note that it doesn’t appear that the ledger is being downloaded in the background based on network traffic.)

There’s also a comment in the log: “Please double check that your authentication token is correct. Due to security reasons actual status maybe not reported, but 404.”

Following the URL in Safari also fails.

We’re working on this now.

Will update.


I am still seeing this error in the v1.2 release.

The error messages in the log were unrelated to the app hanging. The new version now includes a timeout so the spinner stops if the full-service background process doesn’t launch properly… which was the cause of the original problems.

The cause of my issues is that the full-service included in distributions up to v1.2 is not compiled with support for older versions of Mac OS X and I am trying to use it on an older laptop with version 10.13.

Been having same problem on OS 10.13.6
Would love to get desktop wallet going.
Hangs with spinner with no end in sight.

Progress? Thank you!

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Hi there, I am also using an elderly Mac Laptop running 10.12.6 and although after clicking create wallet it doesn’t get stuck, it merely returns to the same screen, not creating anything. Is there something new? a workaround possibly?