MainNet Update to 1.1.0

The MobileCoin consensus network will be updated to version 1.1.0 of the Consensus Protocol software, and MobileCoin Fog will be updated to version 1.1.0 of the Fog software tomorrow.

The big change in this release is the lowering of the network fees to 0.0004 MOB.

Servers will be temporarily down during the upgrade process. The maintenance window is from 11am to 1pm, pacific time, on June 24. Upon update, your clients will continue to work, but you will need new clients in order to utilize the lower fee.

Clients can be found as binaries and packages at:

COMING SOON: desktop-wallet

Please join us in testing, and as always, let us know if you have any issues.


Please include the API changes in the CHANGLOG. Such as rpc GetAccountKey => GetAccountKeyFromRootEntropy. These changes would break the down stream softwares.

Hi! Release MobileCoin 1.1.0 · mobilecoinfoundation/mobilecoin · GitHub Is this build suitable for installation on a Raspberry Pi?

Hi @Ilya, this build is not suitable for a Raspberry Pi, but can you tell us more about what you’re working on? Would this be for wallet software?

For the Consensus Validator nodes, those must run on SGX. The wallet software also requires some specific instructions which are required due to the attestation and cryptographic libraries that enable clients to communicate securely with SGX and construct transactions. These instructions are AVX, which are an extension for X86, and are not available on the Pi, which is ARM-based.

However, we are hard at work making upgrades to support wallets for M1 on MacOS (which is ARM), so we may be able to leverage that work to enable wallets on Raspberry Pis.