Mechanics of MobileCoin Previews


I am working on ‘Mechanics of MobileCoin’ and releasing one chapter per week. This week a chapter on commitments was added, and the latest preview can be found directly here (until next week). Future previews will be mentioned in this thread as they come out.

Please let me know if you have comments or feedback. These chapters are technically in a ‘final draft’ stage, and won’t be completely finalized until after the 11th chapter is released.



Preview 6/11 is now available, featuring a new chapter on MobileCoin membership proofs, which are a fun and surprisingly powerful application of Merkle proofs.

Preview 7/11 has been released. Chapter 7 is a ‘capstone’ chapter, tying together chapters 2-6 into MobileCoin’s transaction protocol. The remaining chapters are more standalone (secure enclaves, blockchain, consensus protocol, and Fog).

Preview 8/11 is up. Chapter 8 discusses SGX secure enclaves. EDIT: There is also an additional page in Chapter 3 called ‘Ring signatures primer’, which hopefully improves the learning curve on that topic.

Note: The remaining chapters will be somewhat delayed, to make sure they are completed properly.


Preview 10/11 is online, with two new chapters on consensus (SCP) and Fog. There are also three appendices featuring a sample transaction, sample block, and the origin block.

The one remaining chapter (on MobileCoin’s blockchain) is in-progress and will be released when Mechanics of MobileCoin: First Edition is published.