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you mean who will launch the mainnet?

If the code is released, the main network is not started as soon as possible. Will anyone else be able to start the main network by testing the net code?

I suspect this will be different from how others have done it. Which I think would be interesting.

Hi Josh,
can you give us any idea how the testnet-phase will be designed?
How long will the testnet-period be?
When do you want to go really live with MobileCoins?

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Once the code is released, anyone can use the software to start a blockchain.


Hi Mucos1,

Yes, there will be several phases moving towards a fully decentralized test network. We will write several blogs to describe the process.

The testnet period is undefined. We will test the software until we feel comfortable.

We will go live when the software is ready. It’s impossible for me to predict when that will be right now.


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Looks good sir… its make people know what can mobile coin do for life.

Hello :slight_smile:

Since the MobileCoin is in the Binance incubator program, I suppose that the only way to get some will be to buy from this exchange. Will there be another way ?
How the price is going to be calculated ? BTC pairing ?

Also, another question : if the Mobilecoin is use for illegal activities, what will be your policy if Signal is assigned to justice ?

The butterfly has fanned its wings

Hello Pink_pepper,

We don’t have any comments about anything related to exchanges right now.

We love Signal but don’t have any comments about anything related to them at this time.

We’re just excited to be working on great tech.


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Hi guys ,
Just read above comments about how u r going to introduce mobile coin.it a software based so we can mine mobile coin and what amount of coins will be released

Hi Puravg,

Thanks for joining our community!

We don’t have any plans to announce about introducing MobileCoin yet.


Hi guys! Is it enough for a testnet Intel® Core™ i7-8700 Hexa-Core?

You can run a watcher node in the TestNet if you’re running a linux OS. If you want to run a validator, you’ll need an SGX-capable processor. It looks lie the i7-8700 supports this but it might depend on you motherboard.

In the future…Will we be able to use cold wallet storage for MobileCoin ?

MobileCoin is based on math that isn’t part of the FIPS 140-2 spec, so most of the commercially available hardware security modules that people use for cold storage won’t work for regular MobileCoin transactions. I do think hardware will be available in the next couple of years - and we have a software solution in mind as well but we haven’t had time to implement it yet.

Can you say a bit more about what sort of cold storage requirements you have and how you would ideally like it to work?


Thanks for the reply Robb,

I would normally use multiple devices to send receive and trade coins but I will always store my savings account offline.Very rarely do I go online with the device holding my savings.

As MOB will be on a mobile platform, I could use a mobile device with a vanilla install and virtually no 3rd party software, and no access to software stores.
It will have no 3/4G access but only use wireless access on demand and not tied to a AP 24/7.
It might have bluetooth comm`s only.
Ideally it will have a whitelist of wallets that it can accept or send to only.
Or it could accept from multiple wallets but only send to authorized wallets.

just some thoughts.
Looking forward to solution.


I think it’s good practice to keep your savings on an air-gapped device – let’s open a new topic and move our discussion there!