MobileCoin Desktop Wallet beta 0.1.3 does not work on Mac M1 chip

Shame that it does not work on my new Macbook:

It gives me a : 14 UNAVAILABLE: No connection established when I click the Create Account button. :frowning:

To make sure it was the M1 chip that was the issue, I took my old MacBook (pre Silicon chip era) and used the MobileCoin Desktop Wallet. The screen is a bit shattered at the top but if I keep the wallet in the lower part of the screen, I can see it quite well :smiley:

Honestly, this is a nice Wallet. I’m quite fond of the Gifting tab. Looks like a clever easy onboarding feature.

My question is: is it just a temporary problem on Apple M1 platform, or is the Desktop Wallet relying on an Intel chip to be around?
As MobileCoin is targeted to mobiles phones, and as mobile phones run on ARM chips, I was expecting the Desktop Wallet to run on the ARM M1 Apple chip.

Are you inside of the US?


Nope. I’m on the other side of the Atlantic.

:fr: France

Oh yeah, it’s an m1 issue. We’re working on patching it :(. It’s probably 3 weeks of work but we have other priorities right now.

If someone from the community wants to help, that would be amazing, but it’s a lot of work.


I suppose that’s mobilecoind that should be running under the hood that is failing.

Is there a way to tell the Wallet to connect to an external mobilecoind?
And are there available public mobilecoind endpoints? (like public horizons on Stellar).

You can configure the wallet to connect to an external mobilecoind by setting the MobileCoindAPIClient URI in the desktop wallet to connect to the mobilecoind instance’s listening port (for example, here is how mobilecoind is started in the app: desktop-wallet/ at main · mobilecoinofficial/desktop-wallet · GitHub)