MobileCoin Desktop Wallet is Live!


What about a Windows version?

Is this the only way to get MOB’s at the moment?

The desktop wallet still needs an instance of mobilecoind to be running so windows support is held up by

I saw a related announcement on twitter –

thanks for your info. does not work at the moment!
Is also an official channel to buy MOB’s ?

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I am an integrated wallet developer of trading platform. I want to integrate mob into our wallet to facilitate users to use and store mob currency. I have successfully developed it in test network, but in GitHub, only the startup parameters of test network nodes are available, but not the parameters of starting the main network. What are the corresponding peer nodes when starting the main network node on Linux? What startup parameters should be included?

If you are getting a 1020 error, then you are likely trying to access the site from an ineligible IP address… may be useful

Reagrding: If I click “Contact us” there is NO REACTION ! No error message.

Wallet isntallation and sending and receiving works pretty well. A refresh button however would be something I am missing right now.


Just watched my Desktop Wallet update itself from 1.1.0 to 1.2.1 :sunglasses: In fact I haven’t seen a thing except for the fact that I’m now running the latest build.

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