Mobilecoin foundation

Hi all!

I’m new to crypto but I must say this initiative sounds very interesting and useful. I’m a big fan of signal and the fact that signal is endorsing / using this is for me a reason to looking into adopting and buying some MOB. However, I do have some questions on the governance of mobilecoin. Is there someone that could maybe direct me to the documentation that covers these points?

(i) Am I correct in understanding that the MOBs now sold via come directly from the wallet owned by the foundation?
(ii) Is the foundation a separate legal entity from mobilecoin co? Does the foundation have a charter (e.g. how are board members appointed)?
(iii) I think buying coins from the foundation is a good way to ensure development on the coin and keep it functioning over time - e.g. I could imagine funds being used on supporting related open source projects. How will the foundation manage these funds and report on them? Will there be audit annual reports on how foundation funds are spent?
(iv) What is the relation between the foundation and mobilecoin co?
(v) How are future coins issued? What policy does the foundation have to ensure issuance of coins happens in a fair and transparent manner?

Hope this doesn’t sound too distrustful - but I do think it would just be good to know what happens to the USDs I’m transferring when I’m buying these coins.