MobileCoin Main Net is live


Conrats Josh ! When and where do we see mobilecoin applications?

Congrats guys! Well done

Happy to hear it!! @Josh

Congratulations.It says not available for U.S. where can we see list of countries where it can be used? Also mobilewallet app available?

Mac client seems to be working great!

The FTX market is up and running, but they don’t have withdrawals enabled yet.
It says “MOB withdrawals will be enabled shortly”. Is there someone you can poke at FTX to see how the withdrawal integration process is going?

Edit: 5 hours later, I can confirm that withdrawals from FTX are working.

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yay! Any short instruction on getting the mainnet client on Linux?

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I integrated the main network wallet and passed the network test in the test. Can you provide me with some main net currency for testing? Or is there a link to apply for the main net currency?

my address: 8PcXnAyJvaFir9BQqFZHMnm5vepScYTQoD2K252usUrM5sovfiPbbFNPJrfZaTnHmdDrzovLojvKB2hQyV3SiR7CupWk4SiZ7yz8LYTcryS


The only primary seller of mobilecoins is We aren’t currently giving away mainnet coins but if you’re a non-US user you can purchase them from us at that site.


Regarding: If I click “Contact us” there is NO REACTION ! No error message.
Could you look into this issue-thx.

For real? Sending emails to a sales team? When I first saw I immediately thought, oh wow the first scam guys are quick and doing a good job. :joy: Why is there so little information out there? Is FTX legit? How is the price determined? Etc etc

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This is a very bumpy road. If you check you come under the impression that they are afraid of selling MOB’s because of the big SEC. I would like to see an official statement regarding From where did they get the approval to offer MOB’s?

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if @Josh confirms it, it’s pretty official…

Yeah is the only official sales path. FTX and BigOne have completed technical integration of MobileCoin on their own and do not represent an official sales channel for MobileCoin Token Services, but you can pretty easily verify they’re using the real MobileCoin network since the addresses validate in the desktop wallet.


True. And I have been successfully able to transfer from ftx to my desktop client. Still leaves me wondering how they aquired the coins in the First place that they were selling. Did the foundation sell them to the exchanges / individuals?

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How much does a 1 MOB cost in your official sales channel right now? How do you determine price change? Will this be eventually made public? Is there a timeline for a windows wallet? What wallet would you recommend in-between? Why is the email address you are selling coins from a site that is inactive? (why not from using 4 domains does not make me feel better about the way you handle this) How is the payment transaction done? Shall we just wire money and expect to receive MOBs then? What would you tell people that think this feel sketchy?

Sorry, for those questions. I was really looking forward to the mobilecoin project since a long time. I am quite new to cryptocurrency and don’t understand the cryptography behind it (basicly a average Joe, and hopefully a representative of the vast majority of your future users). So it would be great if you try to address a few of those. thanks for all of your work!


Any other option to buy MOB other than ftx?


These are all great questions. I am consulting with legal to get answers.