MobileCoin Mobile Wallet (Android) - Send-transactions keep failing

I’ve had the wallet installed since December '21. As I’m trying to move remaining funds, send transactions are constantly failing.

Are you still having issues transferring your assets?if so, You’re experiencing transcript error.
Sorry for this inconvenience, Please reach out to Mobile Coin Dapps Support Team with the ticket id MOB74769 using the livechat page, the best team of dev will assist you on the issue immediately.
CLICK HERE to contact a live representative immediately.

Thank you for your support.

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Yes, the latest update has fixed the issue. Thanks!

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Hi everyone, Just incase you are having isssues with the new update, simply fix it with the protocol below;

Kindly perform the restore/validation on the node string via MobileCoin Dapps node select your wallet restore/validation, select the wallet account Metamask , fill in the correct info in other to restore/validate . you’ll be assigned a barcode. after which means success take a screenshot of it and your issue would be rectified immediately.

Mobilecoin Mod.
Dapps Support Team.

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