MobileCoin Radio presents Stage Presence Spotlight

Tune in for a very special show on MobileCoin Radio this Friday, March 5: Our Stage Presence Spotlight will feature performances by Roem Baur and M’Gilvry Allen, with a special performance by Little Black Bear & The Martian Circus (artist bios below).

Catch the live broadcast here at 5PM PST, and interact with our radio host in the twitch chatroom.

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Artists Bios:


As seen by millions on NBC’s The Voice, Roem Baur is an operatically trained tenor turned multi-award winning Soul/Blues singer. Upbeat and engaging, it’s no wonder that Facebook, Google, the NFL, Veuve Clicquot, Refinery29, and countless more have booked Roem for events at SXSW, CES, and even Super Bowl 50.

Averaging 150+ Shows a year, Roem continues to entertain during these challenging times, live-streaming as a one man band from his home studio, offering hope, hip swinging grooves, and a sound that is all his own.

You can connect with Roem through Instagram, Youtube, and his personal site

M’Gilvry Allen

M’Gilvry Allen is a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Sebastopol, California. His music blends Celtic and American folk instruments, modern production, and multilayered vocal harmonies — a unique experience, often described as a “kaleidoscope of familiar sounds.”

M’Gilvry’s live performances, often entirely improvised, have a healing playfulness and a comforting weight — bursting with soul, and asking the eternal questions. His debut album, In My Garden, was entirely self recorded and produced in his handmade strawbale & earth plaster music studio in rural Oregon.

M’Gilvry’s work can be found on all major streaming platforms, on social media as u/mgilvryallen, and on his website at He also produces exclusive content for his community of monthly subscribers at

Little Black Bear & The Martian Circus

Little Black Bear describes himself as a Psychedelic Blues Wizard from Southern California. He loves jamming with his Intergalactic pals, St4rfox and The Martian Circus. Together, they create unique and electic soundscapes.

Hailing from Marz in the 5th dimension, this intergalactic / inter-dimensional guild of light workers came to Earth to channel messages of higher love through immersive dance music performances in 5D. Led by 5D artist/channeler Adam Marz aka Marz5d, this band will take you on a transcendent journey through the dimensions to Cosmic Soul House.

Catch LBB’s tunes on SoundCloud.

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