MobileCoin Release Candidate 1 Live


MobileCoin Release Candidate 1, which should be the final testnet release, is live. Please let us know if you find any bugs!


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Great. but I hardly feel helping the test with limited functional client just via sending receiving and checking the balance. for now I can’t know who’s the sender.when do I try a full functional wallet plz.

In a privacy-focused service, identifying the sender should be difficult, lest we risk doxx’ing.


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Happy to hear that.

By the way, when will the mobile wallet app come out?

Hi Satoshi,

We will release the mobile wallet when the code is done. We don’t like to announce software or features until they’re ready for testing/release.


Hi Josh
I just download the latest 1.0.0 pre5 Linux testnet client. but can’t run. but 1.0.0 pre2 is ok.


Problem solved.
sudo ./ didn’t work
./ didn’t work
bash WORKS~~~!!!
Don’t know the difference but solved.
Anyone had same problem ?

For now, It takes 52m for me to sync the ledger(at 40942)

on 8th Oct. 1.0.0 pre6.1 client works well. Ledger syncing for 70010 just takes 5 mins. Great Job.
Can’t wait to see the mainnet launching.

Great client update!

Using Client Update 2020-10-07 syncing an empty ledger from Germany (70202 blocks) only takes 20 minutes.

Question: Have you done the load testing of what will happen if 1K (or 10K) clients try to come online at the same time? (The concern is will it appear as a DDOS on your S3 buckets with all the threads requesting in parallel?)

I had the same problems ?
bash WORKS !
Sync (74291) took around 5 min. !
A big improvement!