MobileCoin's key derivation upgrade to mnemonics

We recently upgraded our key derivation procedure to better fit with the current crypto ecosystem and support mnemonics, which are widely used. New MobileCoin wallets can be unlocked with a set of 24 words now. Read more here: MobileCoin Key Derivation Upgrade: Migration to Mnemonics | by koe | MobileCoin | May, 2021 | Medium #cryptonews #mnemonics


I’ve been using the official desktop wallet so far. The git repo hasn’t seen any commits for a month now, so I assume it doesn’t support mnemonics yet. Which wallet should I use to upgrade to the new key derivation scheme? Also, how long do I have before I need to upgrade, i.e. will support for upgrading from a root entropy account be dropped at some point?

Nevermind, seems the latest desktop wallet (0.3.0) does support mnemonics, apparently the feature is significantly older than the announcement.