Network Error when trying to create new wallet


So I’m new to MobileCoin wallet and when trying to create a new wallet, it gives me a Network Error, even when I choose to Start in Offline Mode.

I am running this on Amazon Linux 2.0 operating system, using the AppImage application downloaded from your Github.

Am I doing something incorrectly here? What’s the requirement for Network? I can surf websites all fine.

Hi. Unfortunately Amazon Linux 2.0 is very old – originally released in 2020 and they haven’t updated the core libraries. This makes it incompatible with the pre-built Desktop Wallet AppImage.

Amazon EC2 also provides Ubuntu 22.04 LTS instances. I was able to run Desktop Wallet AppImage using one of those.

Thanks for the response Henry.

So we’re actually trying to load this up on AWS Appstream, which seems to only provide AmazonLinux2 platforms (can’t find any other Ubuntu images). The AmazonLinux2 version is dated June 2023 though. Alternatively, any chances there’s a Windows version for this wallet?

Is there any way we can do manual installation of those core libraries?

Side note, I was getting this same Network Error even when creating a wallet from my Macbook running MacOS v14 Sonoma. After some troubleshooting, we realised that it’s due to one of our VPN platforms which was causing this (once I turned that VPN off, I could create the wallet successfully). This does tell us that we seem to have some sort of network requirements here. Any chance you’re aware of such requirements? There seems to be some localhost which it looks up during this wallet creation process.

Jaret, the Desktop Wallet architecture is that it is an Electron App bundling a React GUI that talks to a local instance of a UI-less MobileCoin wallet called full-service. The GUI communicates with full-service over port as localhost:9090.

full-service will drop logs in /tmp, which can be very helpful for debugging.

Under Amazon Linux 2, full-service is failing to launch because of linker errors, and so the GUI can’t reach it, hence the Network Error.

More on full-service here: Welcome! - Full Service API

Thanks again for your help here Henry.

I’ve reached out to you separately via email now, let’s connect there.