No response to email regarding buying coins

I visited linked from
mobilecoin/ at master · mobilecoinfoundation/mobilecoin · GitHub
and sent an email because i’d like to buy coins.
This was back on January 26th 2021.

I never received a response.

Please respond to my emails! If you don’t respond to emails you might as well remove the emai lfrom the website and become another customer-hostile company like Google. It’s unprofessional and frankly rude.

Hi mobico,
You might be interested in a couple of older threads where the same problem was discussed:

Hi mobico - Sorry that you didn’t receive a response to your question earlier this year.
MOB is currently trading on FTX (, Bitfinex (, BigOne ( and HotBit ( for non-US persons. These are the exchanges of which we are aware. will be available soon to purchase MOB for non-US persons.

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emmo, you are leaving out the somewhat important fact that hasn’t so far ever actually worked. As far as I know, not a single person has ever received a response to their enquiries through it.


EMMO ! the official channel for purchasing MOB ( was never available, even for people outside of the US !
When will this channel be available?

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Hi rouci - you’re right. will be available soon to purchase MOB for non-US persons. Appreciate you understanding and being so patient!

Hi MUCOS - Appreciate your patience and yes, you’re right. will be available soon to purchase MOB for non-US persons.

I appreciate the responses. It’s a bummer that i was unable to buy MOB back in January when the price was at less than $4. It seems less enticing now at 10x the price.

You are mentioning these four exchanges. How many MOB’s have you sold to these exchanges? Or, how many MOB’s are now left (250 million minus ?)?
For applying MOB’s from MobileCoin TS Ltd., is this the correct e-mail address?

MobileCoin has never sold a single coin to an exchange. We don’t have any contracts with exchanges. Any exchange that has listed MobileCoin has done so entirely on their own.

We are waiting for approval from legal before discussing the circulating supply.



@Josh great response.

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This is probably also a valid (unanswered) question? I guess you’d notice such a typo anyway (empty inbox) :slight_smile: