Our first non-MobileCoin employee Pull Request!

After years of slaving away building software in silence, we decided that we wanted to toss our work into the arena of public opinion. One of the founding principles of MobileCoin was a commitment to #DoingItLive. We feel that the only way to write trustworthy software is to do it out in the open for everyone to see. Open source is in our DNA.

Today we received our first non-employee pull request (PR), which is a request to add new code to our repository, from kharmabum. You can read the PR here.

I don’t know who kharmabum is, what they do for a living, their race, gender; nothing. All I know is that kharmabum spent some time looking at our code and found a way our code could be improved. They were kind enough to let us know and we appreciate it. This is how open source is supposed to work!

This is a sort of roundabout way of saying: no piece of art is ever perfect. We need your help to make sure our software is the best possible offering we can put forward. If you find a bug, we want to understand what you’ve found so we can improve our technology.

We need your help to make the best payment system the world has ever seen.



I’m very excited to see how you are introducing the MobileCoins to the market on the best payment system the world has ever seen.

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