Privacy with signal

I’ve got into Mobilecoin lately since seen it’s integrated into Signal. Applause.
I’ve been into cryptocurrency for many years now and finally there is an actual practical integration.
But I have to ask for some info about privacy and security.
Since it seems that there is no public explorer
But technically the coin/wallet infrastructure is a Blockchain usual structure , I can assume that the entire Blockchain info exist somewhere and it is readable.
And now users build their wallets using Signal , that generate it automatically with not too much info on the process, and my concern is ,
Signal has access to my contacts
And access to my wallet
And access to my contacts wallets
And access to my transactions
And access to my contacts transactions

So… How can it be secure?

I want it to be secure and it seems like an actually great thing and I hope to use it from now on , but I will need some info to confirm the data is At least anonymous and that there is no connection between the Signal user database and the Blockchain info
Other way it’s just like any registered ETH wallet with your name on it
Which is cool sure but we can hope mobilecoin can be better then eth

Hope for some info links and such

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Signal doesn’t have access to your contacts. Signal only knows these two things about you: 1.) Time and date you signed up and 2.) time and date the last time you signed in to the service. Here are some blog posts by Moxie on contacts and contact discovery:

Signal >> Blog >> The Difficulty Of Private Contact Discovery (a bit dated)
Signal >> Blog >> Technology preview: Private contact discovery for Signal

MobileCoin, MOB wallets and transaction handling is designed in a way so only sender + receiver of a transaction can read the actual contents of a transaction. Also MobileCoin is completely open source:

For all the technical details you may want to check out The Mechanics of MobileCoin: Mechanics-of-MobileCoin/Mechanics-of-MobileCoin-v0-0-39-preview-10-11.pdf at master · UkoeHB/Mechanics-of-MobileCoin · GitHub

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On a side note: MobileCoin would be equally private and secure if Facebook / Meta decided to support MobileCoin transactions and integrate the wallet into WhatsApp.

MobileCoin blockchain is fully encrypted.


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Ok thanks for reply , I should read more on the subjects.