Problem opening wallet via password or entropy

MobileCoin Desktop Wallet 0.1.3 on MacOS.

After typing in my password or entropy I get the error “14 UNAVAILABLE: No connection established”.

Thank you

EDIT: FWIW the wallet worked great a few days ago

It is working now – I think the backend had an issue, and then when the frontend connected to it via grpc (which comes up when you google the error), it couldn’t connect. If this happens again, I can record the state better if anyone has any suggestions.

Thanks alder, glad to hear things are up and running again. Please let us know if the issue persists in the future.

Hi @alder, we’ve been seeing some flakiness in one of the services for the IP address check. Happy that it worked eventually; please feel free to report if you see this again. You can also check the logs at /tmp/mobilecoind-timetsamp.log to see why mobilecoind might have died.