Proposal for official telegram channel

I suppose we could use telegram to include more crypto enthusiasts with mobilecoin and for more effecient communication among the community members.
I propose creation of an official Mobilecoin telegram group.

Telegram is a very good example how CRYPTO works :joy:
Why not using SIGNAL instead?

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Signal’s great for privacy. But people interested in the project cannot join the group unles you know them and you add them to the group yourself.

Signal groups don’t yet scale for a variety of reasons related to cryptographic security. We have shied away from an official telegram group, but if there’s demand we would consider it. TBH it feels offbrand for what we’re doing, but I know a lot of people love that client despite the fact it has weaker cryptographic guarantees for most conversations.



Please no telegram… Its place for scammers… Keep official discussions here only or when signal comes with usernames there


For the small group that there is now it would actually be possible with the Group V2 addon in the latest beta (see eg )