Receiving mobs on mainnet


I am trying to receive some MobileCoins on the mainnet.

I have never used MobileCoin before.

So far I have:

The wallet looks good and seems to run without any issues.

Is it enough to just copy the “Account Address Code” from the home tab of the wallet and paste it to the sender in order for me to receive MOBs?

That’s correct. All you need to do is copy the account address code and give that to whoever you want to receive funds from!

It’s a cool client, right?


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I only see the startup mode of test network on GitHub. How to start the main network node? Maybe you can tell me some peer parameters for starting the main network may be helpful

After sending my address I was sent some MOBs. However, my balance still shows 0 MOBs.

After checking the settings I noticed there was some error with the ledger:

Ledger Status

There's been an error in the ledger. Please reset the ledger at the bottom of this page.
Block Type	Current Height	Maximum Height	% Synced
Network Blocks		0	
Local Blocks	479	0	Error
Monitor Blocks	479	0	Error

I reset the ledger as instructed in the settings page.

Now the green MobileCoin icon in top center says “100%: synced wit the ledger”

But I still see 0 MOBs as balance.

The Ledger status page still looks weird. Here’s a screenshot:

How can I solve this issue?

Hi @automata - we can help debug this issue. Most likely it is a version mismatch - which version of the wallet are you running?

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I’m running mobile-coin-purse-0.1.2.

I see there’s 0.1.3 now here:

It’s weird that it says 0.1.3 was released 2020-11-24. I downloaded the wallet first time on 2020-12-10 (i.e. a week ago) and the latest version was 0.1.2 then :thinking:

Anyway, I’ll try the new version and report back :crossed_fingers:

Thanks! Let us know how that goes. We are implementing update notifications in the wallet to help with managing versions and upgrades in the future.

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Updating the wallet fixed the issue. I see the correct balance now.

Thanks for the help @drakeley!

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