Riddle me this... [Even more riddles]

Riddle me this…

Let’s think about the time it takes to send and receive a payment…

  1. Riddle 1: You send off a payment not long after noon. As you send it you notice the exact placement of your clock’s hands. When the payment is successfully sent, you notice that the minute and hour hands have exchanged places (a pretty slow crypto, huh?). What time does the payment successfully send?

  2. You send a payment which takes more than 2 hours but less than 3. When the payment successfully sends, the minute and hour hands have exchanged places from when you initiated the payment. How much longer than the two hours did the payment take to send?

  3. You initiate a payment at the time between 4 and 5 pm when the clock’s hands are together. The payment finishes sending when the minute hand is exactly opposite the hour hand. How many minutes did it take for the payment to send, and what time did it successfully finish sending?

Can you be the first to solve three riddles? Post your answer here and note which riddle you’re answering in your reply. Satoshi would be proud!

None of the riddles have been answered correctly yet…

sorry should be 10.90 minutes past 2 for number 2

Riddle 1 : the payment takes 65 minutes to send, around 1:05 pm

These riddles are still waiting to be solved correctly

1.) 1:00pm
3.) Start 4:22 End 6:00 Duration: 98 minutes

2.) Start: 12:15 End 3:00. Duration 45 minutes more than 2 hours.

@adamisrusty, congratulations! you have solved riddle number 1! Please send me your code and I’ll send you your winnings.

Riddle 2 was close but not quite. Try again? Riddle 3 is still unsolved…

Riddle 2. 46 minutes and 15 seconds more than 2 hours probably…

Riddle 2: 46min more then 2 hours

Riddle 3: Payment took 32min to finish, it successfully finish at 4:54 pm

@shlomo Thanks! XJjmqe7YYXtNNfEgM4qnNhxmwBdCoMHWUmXT8h64anWUtoyAXFmyoVgh9yytUP8M3R4eThzjSynguQYa4cVgzLC4bbyqVBNzrTmuCDd3M2H5q

@Nakamoto you were the first to solve riddle 2!
@mali8 you got riddle 3 correct!

Can y’all post request codes so I can transfer you those sweet sweet winnings?

@shlomo tnx

Here’s my request code-