Satoshi's Pizzeria is Now Live

Sweet thanks for the prompt reply Josh!

Our 3 winners are:

  • Shlomo Zippel
  • Jason Martin
  • Josh Dechant


We’ll run another game soon!!



What was the trick to getting 1000 MOB?

8 years ago somebody spent 10.000 BC in REAL LIFE for a pizza. CHEERS


The trick to getting 1000 MOB in the testnet is making 10 accounts OR getting a bunch of requests filled.

We are simply trying to get users to generate organic traffic so we can test our systems (and maybe have a little fun while we try to break the machine).


Well, it achieved at least one of those goals :pizza:

I had a feeling sock puppeting was the answer

Sock puppets might not have been a big factor since we haven’t automated assigning coins to new accounts yet! I’ve been sending out a batch of welcome emails once a day…

Yeah the google form would also require an individual to have to use 10 different emails.

I would otherwise look at the ledger to figure out the transactions, but something tells me that’ll be very difficult to track down :sweat_smile:

There’s going to be a block explorer soon but unfortunately, due to the design of MobileCoin, it won’t help much with this particular problem. We have some ideas on how to do this :slight_smile:.


We will be announcing the block explorer next week, but you can see it early:

Eventually you will be able to enter your master key to unmask the parts of the ledger that you can decrypt – but in keeping with our goal of never expecting users to send keys to a remote server this will require a web assembly compilation target to work. My guess is that this will be in place sometime this summer.