Share a Slice of PizzaMob via PazzaMob consensus

Hi there
PizzaMob project needs 1000 mob to fullfill. and mobteam will reward the first 3 people to send 1000MOB with a slice delivered to you (maximum $50 delivery+pizza cost).
But to collect 1000mob is a tough task as we only have 100mob
So here is My plan:

  1. I’ll try to start a Pizzamob Fund first
  2. every time I got the 1000mob I’ll start a lottery draw to select ppl(support more than 80mob) to fullfill the project.(I’m interested to achieve the project more than to have pizzamob)
    3)the fund will be close as 3ppl got the pizzamob

Let’s Rock


BTW I call this fund PizzaMob consensus


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Sent you some mob

I’d love to see some kind of smart contract kind of structure or other commitment device. Otherwise we just have to take you at your word and you could easily sneak off with the mob and leave us without pizza :rofl:

you’re right. this plan just make sense during the testing phase. and I need the full function wallet or blockchain explorer to aware who’s participated.
Seems tring to hash the mob team though.
thanks for participating

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something tells me the game winning move might not be sharing, there’s gotta be another way to get coins from the faucet, or maybe we’re supposed to do some sneaky shit