Signal Adds Payments—With a Privacy-Focused Cryptocurrency


Four years of blood, sweat, and tears. Thank you all for being here :). We’re so incredibly excited for the future.



Congrats Josh, I gave up on understanding how the technology behind it works in details, but I managed to grasp a bit of how painstakingly well you designed your protocol and how much work was put into it. Very well done…

Can’t wait to spend some MOB with Signal.


I’m so excited about this, I’m waited so long!

Congrats Josh,

it has been a long wait and judging by the reaction from other privacy coins. Were off to a good start. :laughing:

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Congratulations !!! I wish I lived in the UK to test that. Maybe they’ll open it to FR quickly. :wink:

What an achievement !!! I can’t really say it felt long for me though as I only discovered MobileCoin on March 10th :laughing:

Just a few thoughts about all this:

  1. App stores centralisation
    My main concern here is that Signal is mainly distributed via App Stores: the second Apple and Google decide to switch Signal off, they just ban it from their App Stores (remember FortNite ?).
    That’s why I never wanted to develop any native mobile application. I’ve been making websites since 1996 and never asked anyone to allow me to publish a new site.
    As a developper, going through Apple or Google registration forms to publish an app is too much of a step back in my personal freedom of expression as a developper.
    We will see where it all leads us to …

  2. Transparency
    I think it is now time for MobileCoin to be transparent about the future of its tokenomics. There are questions that people righteously ask all the time: what’s the market cap? (meaning the circulating supply) What’s the release plan for the non-yet circulating supply?
    When you are building your project, it’s ok to be fuzzy, but when you want to convince people to adopt your product, especially in the crypto space, all needs to be clear.
    We don’t like whales, and as a french bloke, I’m mostly egalitarian. Something like 80% of current non circulating supply will be distributed as an airdrop of 1 MOB / person to the first Signal users that claim them, and the remaining 20% is kept to MobileCoin foundation for financing its future developments, would be fair for me. Of course, it can be anything else, in the end, I don’t really mind, it’s just that for the moment, we are in the dark, and that fuels the critics of the people who call MobileCoin a “pre-minted shitcoin” on Twitter.

  3. Let’s move on
    And now the fun stuff: how do we implement MobileCoin payement on a web page? Paywalls, webshop checkouts, crowdfunding, tipping, … It’s nice to have the MobileCoin, but what’s the point if we cannot use it to pay stuff on the web? :wink:

Again lads: congratulations !!! It’s really great.


The transparency of the operation is also a legitimate concern. By adding support to Mobilecoin, what kind of financial benefit will Signal receive? Where will the money go? Signal has relied on the work of many volunteers for years and allocated budget to developers, advertising competitive compensation and generous Healthcare plan for them. Signal is now not only contributing to the wealth of financial actors, but also Mobilecoin will largely benefit from the work done by those people for years. Hopefully, funds will flow into Signal and Moxie will think about giving back to the community that supports Signal and, therefore, Mobilecoin. What’s your take on that?

Congratulations! Stephan and Signalling pointed out the challenging issues very well. Looking forward getting the responses from Josh or his lawyers.
I would like to ad:
If you want in very short term a bigger feedback in the UK from users, offer them a test-account on FTX. Why should I register on FTX in order to test your new payments feature? This could be an opportunity to activate so that UK-test-users can buy MOB’s directly from

Congratulations, a big leap forward!

Now begins the request for features… :slight_smile:

Would love to see more ways to buy MobileCoins more easily, like credit card integration directly in Signal, to bypass the need to purchase through third parties.

My wife and I have lived our lives giving back to community. Last year we raised almost $1M for artists in the Bay Area through two different charities supporting them in the wake of COVID-19. I would like to have MobileCoin be a thing that benefits society writ large.

We are currently working on language around charitable giving.


We’re working on the web stuff! We’re hoping you’ll be able to start doing payments using MobileCoin on the web soon. Regarding transparency, we’re balancing compliance with communication. It’s important for us to do things right; at MobileCoin correctness has to be more important than speed. If we move fast and break things, people could lose their life savings, so we take that responsibility very seriously.

As soon as we can provide more transparency we will.


It looks pretty shady that the price rose 10x several times since 28/03 before the Signal’s announcement of integration of payment with MobileCoin.
It looks pretty exploitative towards the many volunteers that Signal never allocated any budget to fairly support those who supported Signal, allowed it to be more broadly adopted and will, therefore, also benefit MobileCoin.
It looks even more exploitative when we consider that Signal and you could predict MobileCoin’s value growth.

Just know that part of your current billions have been enabled by people from inside Signal’s community who live in precarious conditions in many parts of the world.

Airdroping MobileCoins to charities would be a very nice way to increase the circulating supply.

:heart_decoration: :+1:

The rate of airdropping is a tricky thing to tune: drop it too slowly and you are slowing adoption, drop it too quickly and you are crashing the price of MOBs and early adopters (which are your best fans at the moment) will be hurt by the loss.

The “pattern” of dilution is important as well: the less whales you have, the less market manipulation and fluctuations you will get.


So a couple thoughts:

  1. MobileCoin does not participate on exchanges. We don’t buy or sell coins on exchange. The only place you can buy coins from us is from (as soon as credit card processing comes online).

  2. Accordingly, we can’t control the price. We don’t sign listing agreements with exchanges, we don’t work with market makers, we don’t pay listing fees, we have 0 control over what price an exchange sets for MobileCoin or what price traders decide it is worth. If we had control over this it would not be a cryptocurrency or decentralized.

  3. We want to take care of applications that use our systems and their users but there are real regulatory constraints. Suffice it to say, I have plans to help make this right but we have to be very careful about how we roll them out otherwise we might cause far more harm than good. Everything in cryptocurrency is a balancing act of doing what people want while making sure it’s legal (which is especially hard without regulatory clarity).

In short, I understand why people are upset but if we could artificially depress (or inflate) the price it would be market manipulation. MobileCoin does not participate in the market for exactly this reason.


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Josh, if folks are still unable to buy $MOB using the link you provided then what supply of tokens are being used to transact in the current Signal pilot being run in the UK?

Hi Josh,

How is it possible „Any exchange that has listed MobileCoin has done so entirely on their own“ ?

Without your consent? If you still have all the 250 million MOB’s, does this mean the exchanges are dealing with hot air ?

when you announced this: „MobileCoin + Signal, live in the UK today“, 6:23 PM · Apr 6, 2021·Twitter Web App, you must have been aware of that you need to sign listing agreements with exchanges.

Because here: Signal >> Blog >> Help us test payments in Signal is the evidence.

… it’s possible to convert to/from MOB on FTX and other exchanges soon. We’re starting in the United Kingdom, but will expand the beta as we get more feedback.

Do you get my confusion?

Looking forward to get more answers : On Tuesday at 10AM, Joshua Goldbard , @ThePBXGuy, will be doing an ama on r/Signal to answer questions about MobileCoin., 7:55 AM · Apr 8, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

MobileCoin is open source. Anyone can integrate the protocol. I’m currently writing a document which will hopefully explain some more of this. The punchline is that if you want to, you can integrate MobileCoin into the app of your choice right now without talking to us at all. We’ve done literally 0 to support the price or influence the market. Some people wish we would manipulate the market but the only fair thing to do is to avoid actively participating in the market.

Again, MobileCoin has 0 listing agreements, 0 listing fees, 0 market maker contracts, and 0 coins sold to or on an exchange.

I will share more soon.


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As a test-user in the UK. How do I get the MOB’s necessary in order to test the whole application ?

The only way right now is to use an exchange. Soon we’ll be able to sell coins directly but we need to make sure the credit card processing is implemented correctly and in a compliant fashion.


Given all your statements in the past regarding this matter, there is another “correct” way.
STOP this testing in the UK until the credit card processing is implemented correctly and in a compliant fashion.
there is another “correct” way: Offer your test-users in the UK some MOB’s for free…