Signal wallet vs MobileCoin wallet

I added the Signal generated wallet to the MobileCoin wallet and the receiving address is different and smaller in length, I also transferred coins from Binance but they don’t appear in the Signal wallet only in the MobileCoin wallet, it’s the same wallet with the same recovery words…

Also Binance doesn’t accept the address generated by Signal wallet because it’s too long…

Any thoughts on this please?

The MobileCoin mobile and Signal wallets are two different wallets. A token sent to one wallet won’t appear in the other, as each token can only be spent once.

I am not sure why Binance wouldn’t accept the Signal wallet. Other exchanges do.

I use the same recovery phrase on both wallets (Signal and MobileCoin wallet on laptop)

If I send coins to Signal wallet address the amount it will be updated in both wallets

but if I send coins in MobileCoin wallet on laptop, Signal wallet isn’t updated

I even sent coins from MobileCoin wallet to Signal wallet, only then both wallets were updated including the fee for transfer.

it’s this ok?

@ovd Excuse me, my previous response doesn’t quite represent the current state of affairs.

The reason you’re not seeing any updated balances when using the desktop wallet is Fog. There’s no Fog for desktop wallets / personal computers at this time. Improved Account Recovery | Voters | MobileCoin Foundation seems to be the feature that allows you to use the same recovery phrase on different fog-supported wallets like the MobileCoin mobile and Signal wallets. That certainly wasn’t possible a year or so ago.

@colo: Could you elaborate on this? The MCIP hasn’t been updated in a while.

@SEASTGT actually on the desktop wallet I see the updated balances, the Signal wallet doesn’t get updated if I send to desktop wallet…

That’s two different wallets. Even if your recovery phrase is similar across wallets.

hmm… actually it is the same wallet because if I send some coins to my Signal wallet the amount will automatically reflect in my desktop mobile coin wallet, but not the other way around…

Sorry but I’m unable to help you with this. Maybe one of the officials can give you advice. Unfortunately this forum is deserted and most of the community is hiding in private chat-groups.

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