Smallest Hardware Build for Wallet

I love messing with micro pc/ controllers. I am a novice programmer (ahem… by novice meaning barely functionable), but love the idea of holding a working device in the hand is always fascinating.

I was contemplating trying to build a wallet on a Raspberry Pi or even the new Pi Pico.

The Pico features a dual-core Arm Cortex-M0+ processor with 264KB internal RAM and support for up to 16MB of off-chip Flash.

Or even trying a live usb distro like Tails, which should dovetail nicely with MOB privacy stance.

Has anyone tried this yet?

Ok, I salvaged an old Chromebook and got it to boot from USB via developer mode trickery. I next set up a Tails distro on a USB and got that to work on the Chromebook. So far so good.

Next I had to download MOB wallet and dependencies, which was harder than expected (I never tried a non-recommended build on Tails before).

Got it to work! Saved it to persistent storage and I have the login screen up… but can’t create an account?

I feel like I am missing a basic step here? I should note I am noob when it comes to coding, but willing to try.

I am also excited for future hardware wallets. You are probably best off waiting until mobilecoind works on the new M1 macs, since that means it can be compiled for ARM processors.

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Thanks @rjw .
I thought it might linked to the geo location filters the wallet does to vet out US citizen/ locations. Although I am outside the US, Tails uses Onion routers so who knows where the endpoint is.