[Solved] Riddle Me This.... Again!

You’re looking at the privacy levels of the cryptocurrencies you hold…

Riddle 1: You research two cryptocurrencies and find they aren’t both trustworthy. What is the probability that both coins are untrustworthy?

Riddle 2: You look at two other coins and find that one is definitely trustworthy. What is the probability that both are trustworthy?

I’m going 50% for both riddles.

Probably overthinking but :
T = trustworthy
U = untrustworthy
C = total coins

Riddle 1 : Probability is (U^2 -U)/(C^2-C)

Riddle 2 : Probability is (T^2 -T)/(C^2-C)

50% is the right answer… for riddle #2. Congrats @randy.

@daskljregnxjs I’m looking for a number :slight_smile:

@daskljregnxjs I’m looking for a number :slight_smile: (riddle one is the only one left)

Riddle 2: it is 100%

Not quite right… Try again!

Ok right, 25% it is…

getting warmer… something you’re forgetting…

Riddle 1. Since we know that they “* aren’t both trustworthy” it limits us to:
1)coin 1 is trustworthy and coin 2 is not
2) coin 1 is not and coin 2 is
3) coin 1 and coin 2 are not trustworthy.
I went 50% b/c 1 and 2 are essentially the same outcome, so it’s between 1/2 and 3. I suppose you could argue that it’s 33%
Or you could you use semantics and say its zero percent.

Yes, you are right I think, I would say 33%

33% is the correct answer. Indeed the possibilities are:

  1. A is trustworthy & B is trustworthy
  2. A is NOT trustworthy and B is trustworthy
  3. A is trustworthy and B is trustworthy
  4. A is NOT trustworthy and B is NOT trustworthy.

possibility (1) is known to be impossible. Thus of the three possibilities, one of them places A and B as not trustworthy. Thus the probability is 1/3 or 33%. Congrats to @randy for reasoning through it first and @daskljregnxjs for also getting it right!

@randy, please send me your code and I’ll send you your winnings


I love winning! :slight_smile:

Winning is the best. 8kMOB sent!