[Solved] Riddle me this... [more riddles]

Riddle me this…

In a certain end-to-end encryption app, people are able to send MobileCoin to other people via wallets.

Each person has sent MobileCoin to at least one other person.
No person has received MobileCoin from more than one person.
There is one person who has never received any MobileCoins at all.

Two engineers were discussing how many people were using the app. According to one of them, there were less than one million. According to the other, there were more than one million.

Riddle 1: Which of the engineers was right?

Riddle 2: Exactly how many people are using the app?

Can you be the first to solve three riddles? Post your answer here and note which riddle you’re answering in your reply. Satoshi would be proud!

Riddle 1. Engineer 2 who said more than one million people are using the app is correct.
Riddle 2. Infinite people are using the app

Congrats @Nakamoto has correctly answered both riddles!

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