[Solved] Riddle Me This ... (Satoshi's Pizzeria)

You’re researching online about cryptocurrencies and the safety of each one. There are trustworthy cryptocurrencies, and untrustworthy cryptocurrencies. You can assume that untrustworthy cryptocurrency companies are always lying about their cryptocurrency. When they are proven by a third party to be trustworthy or untrustworthy, then they are certified.

Riddle 1: You come across one cryptocurrency whose trustworthiness is unknown. Its creator states, “My cryptocurrency is uncertified as safe.” Is this cryptocurrency trustworthy? Is this claim certified?

Riddle 2: You come across another cryptocurrency that claims it is certified as safe. Is it possible to tell whether or not the cryptocurrency is trustworthy or untrustworthy? Is it certified or uncertified?

Riddle 3: You come across a statement from a cryptocurrency from which you deduce the cryptocurrency is untrustworthy but has not yet been certified as such. What statement in the article would make you conclude this?

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Riddle 1:
They are trustworthy; it is not certified

Riddle 2:
No, it is not possible to tell from the statement alone whether it’s trustworthy or untrustworthy.
We don’t know if certified or not.

Riddle 3:
“If you asked us whether our cryptocurrency is certified to be safe, we would say it is not”

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Congrats to @hyperreality on correct answers to riddles 1 & 2, earning 8000 MOB. Please send me a request and I’ll send over the funds!

Your answer to #3 is close.

Thank you, 235ymwfqzgguwnVrpdTrMmkLdbJWw5Fwnc59ki1RBJ7s4FjVmdFFyGAL6aFvkpRNGe2FNesBNJTYXmCUSLo6Nuvj1LBpULwiAKve4JLfjvtN9NUkTsUEL

I will have to think some more about my answer to #3

sent as requested. Thanks!

1: Cryptocurrency is trustworthy but not certified

2: There’s no way to know for sure if she’s trustworthy and don’t know if it is certified or not.

3: That there is a delay to verify it or is a patented/proprietary technique.

Congrats @aru for getting the right answers for riddles 1 & 2. @hyperreality has already claimed the prize for those. However, three is up for grabs still. I admit, it’s the most challenging…

Riddle 3 : “Our crypto is certified as untrustworthy”

Congratulations @daskljregnxjs! this is the right statement!

Please send me a request and I’ll send you 4000 MOB!

All of my riddles in this group have been solved. Stay tuned for more in a little while!

Nice ! Here it is : 3Fn6Jt4WE3qnXnAorumYqLk1kqwSjpmCvRSC8kVJCAiPEEVcg3exD1bNdRJxiHbzLBrmyAXrxLk2P4FrxZikEGGez4weEGCXr9pk798i5sqvp7