TestNet 100MOB missing

Hey, I signed up for a TestNet account, got my master key but did not get my 100 MOB. A few others I know, the same happened to them as well. Please advise. Thanks!

Yep! We’re seeing a bug where Testnet accounts are not receiving 100MOB starting balances. We’re troubleshooting this now.

Edit: To be clear, this is a bug in our script to pay people balances, not a bug in the consensus or transaction systems.


Great thanks for the update! :+1:

This should be fixed now :).

Great! How long will it take for my 100 to appear?

Check your balance now?

nope still not there.

Can you message me your key?

@codecrafting - sorry about this! We reset the ledger this morning, and our payout script missed some accounts. I believe all the accounts are settled up now - please let me know if you still see a 0 balance!

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Hey @drakeley

I’m only seeing 0 balance. Please hook me up.


Nvm. I got em now!


Still don’t have mine. I know a few others who don’t have theirs either :cry:

@codecrafting Oh no! Can I ask, did you first get your master key from posting on twitter or from the email distribution after signing up on the form?

In an email from using the form. I got it at 8:42 PM EST

Ok that’s helpful - I’ll look and see what’s up!

Hi @codecrafting - I checked the balance on all the accounts from the email list, and they are funded. Perhaps the 0 balance is due to another issue.

Are you running the latest version of the testnet client released today?