The MobileCoin Test Network is now online

The MobileCoin Test Network is now online.


Congrats. Looking forward to testing it out.

Congratulations! The Testnet client worked on my Chromebook’s linux installation.


Welcome to the forums Ruben!!

How was the experience of sending a payment?

Hey all! Congrats on the launch.

Flawless process so far on OSX 10.15.4. Haven’t been able to break anything yet (;



Super fast & smooth process to send and receive.

Got an error in the terminal and reported it on Twitter. But it disappeared after going to a new command.

E0422 13:55:12.849585000 123145515626496] Received a GOAWAY with error code ENHANCE_YOUR_CALM and debug data equal to “too_many_pings”

Hey @djohnston,

Thanks for reporting! This error surfaces due to gRPC keepalives. It should be benign, but we will work on reducing/eliminating its incidence.

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Seamless! Everything worked on the first try.


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Cool. Thanks @drakeley

Looking forward to a chrome extension wallet or an Android wallet.

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Hi Josh
Is there a mobilecoin blockchain explore?

We’re writing one!

Let me ask you, do you have a favorite blockchain explorer?

Edit: You know what, I’m going to make this a whole topic.


the mac wallet is crashing when I try to launch it onmac catalina 10.15

MacOS Catalina 10.15.4. When I open the TestNet Client,Display error: RpcFailure: 14-UNAVAILABLE failed to connect to all addresses zsh: terminated

@aaron @pathrock We issued a new release today - can you try again with the latest release? MobileCoin.TestNet.dmg

hm, doesn’t even open on catalina 10.15

I just tried to create multiple requests of the same value but it kept giving me the same hash. Will this always be so?

Yep, the hashes are deterministic. If the amount + memo is the same it will always be the same hash.


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Cool, thanks … so does that mean we can reuse the hash over and over? Like maybe a business could just have hashes (or shortened hashes or something) displayed and customers can repeatedly use them to make payments?

Yes but you might want some kind of invoice tracking (which will look like a unique code per invoice).

If it’s a donation and you don’t want tracking of who paid it you just use the same code every time. There’s choices in how much privacy you have as a receiver AND as a sender.


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