Token name "MOB"

Just a thought isn’t “MOB” is kind of negative word to choose for token can’t project or foundations choose “NWC” ~ New World Currency or something similar for Mobile coin ? Also having just mobile attached doesn’t not sound futuristic as in future we might not use mobile at all. Think few years back everyone used PC/laptop most of their days and for tasks but many people now uses mobile and tablets to of the work. So in future mobile might get replaced by something else and name would seem irrelevant.

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Great question!

MobileCoin was chosen because no cryptocurrency works on a mobile phone today. We think Mobile is going to be the core place people live and work for the next decade. If the name needs to change later, we’ll change it.

Re: Ticker, we thought about MOBL or MOBE but neither had the quick roll-off-the-tongue feel of MOB. For what it’s worth, it’s pronounced MOBE, not MOB. This is because phonetically it’s a Mobe-ull phone, not a mab-ull phone.

New World Currency actually feels scarier to me in a few ways. I think MobileCoin is actually very addressable for broad audiences.