Trying to transfer MobileCoins from Desktop wallet to Signal wallet results in "fog://\' uses fog but mobilecoind was started without fog support")"

Exact error: 13 INTERNAL: transactions_manager.build_transaction: FogError(“MOB68803FD133EBA239BCC2E315EFE77B9B0C6FDA536AB8F14DE23075B0F2BF787968B2A43C9711B561C79CB860BB53EAD867C18E10E2D2208164C4749C6153EA12:‘fog://’ uses fog but mobilecoind was started without fog support”)

So how do I start MobileCoinDesktop with fog support? And can I see the current version of the MobileCoin Desktop client somewhere?

The most simple solution would be to remove the fog from my address. Can anyone guide me how to do that?

Ahh, I’m not sure that we’ve released MobileCoinD with fog support yet. I’ll ask engineering to take a look.


probably not. I tried the latest build (manually patching mobilecoind in /opt/MobileCoin Desktop Wallet/mobilecoind-bin/linux) which results in:
13 INTERNAL: transactions_manager.build_transaction: Fog error: Some recipients have fog, but no fog ingest report verifier was configured

Hi Madde,

We have just released the Desktop Wallet with fog support!

Please use the new Desktop Wallet downloads here:


Hi and thanks! Is there any release Linux as well or do I have to compile from source? Cheers!

EDIT: Linux version is up as well and this error is fixed.