What is advantage of MOB comapre to like XLM, ZEC, XRP, DOGE.. etc

Hello Guys, I am Billy. nice to meet MOB community! :grinning:
I have a simple Questiona about MOB’s advantage and curiosity of it.

  1. Can you briefly tell me the difference between existing privacy coins?

  2. Is the goal used only for signal applications?

  3. I don’t think the signal messaging app has become popular yet. Large companies that already have users, such as Facebook(DIEM), WeChat, Kakao(Klaytn), and Line(LINK), are jumping into blockchain projects. They don’t look completely decentralized and they’re for-profit companies. In order to beat them, it also highlights the security characteristics of signal applications, but I think it needs to increase the number of users globally. When are you going to build a community through full marketing? Price, however, cannot ignore the number of communities.

  4. Do you have any intention of applying DOGEcoins or other coins in the signal app?

  5. Can the secure wallet company on the market and the message app technology be combined?

Thank you.

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Hi @Billy! Welcome to the MOB community! So happy to have you here and join the community!

I can answer some of your questions about why MOB is different and our advantages:

  • MobileCoin solves 4 fundamental problems. Privacy, Transaction Speed, Energy Consumption, and Optimization for Mobile.
  • Compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum, MOB provides instant transactions, complete privacy, near zero energy consumption, and an optimized mobile experience.
  • There’s no mining in MobileCoin. Nodes are not compensated for their operations. People run MobileCoin because they want to run MobileCoin, there’s no economic incentive. Fees accrue to the MobileCoin Foundation which will use the fees to produce grants for non-profits focused on digital freedom worldwide. For more information check out mobilecoin.foundation
  • No one except for the sender and receiver can see the details of the transaction. The public blockchain is encrypted to ensure privacy.

Hope that helps explain the advantages of MobileCoin. Thanks!


Thank you for your kindness :blush: