What is your favorite Blockchain Explorer?

We need to write a blockchain explorer for MobileCoin. What’s your favorite blockchain explorer and why?

What things do you like about blockchain explorers and what things do you hate?


Hello everyone here are the candidates.

blochchain.com | [blockexplorer.com] https://blockexplorer.com/) | blockcyper.com | btc.com | bitcoin.com | chain.so | smartbi.com | bitcoinchain.com |

etherscan.io | etherchain.org | ethplorer.io | blockchair.com | enjinx.io | blockscout.com | minergate.com |

account | transaction | bithomp.com | xrpscan.com | cryptoground.com |

Bitcoin Cash/BCH
bitcoin.com | blockchair.com | blockdoser.com | blockexplorer.com | btc.com | blockchain.com | bitinforcharts.com | coin.dance |

eospark.com | bloks.io | eostracker.io | eosflair.io | eosx.io | eosvibes.io | eosweb.net | eosnetworkmonitor.io | eosforce.io |
eoscanner.io | cryptoground.com | eosq.app |

litecoin.net | blockcypher.com | cryptoid.info | blockchair.com | bchain.info | litecore.io | prohashing.com |

cryptoground | omniexplorer.info |

stellachain.io | stellascan.io | stella.expert | steexp.com | cryptoground.com |

cardanoexplorer.com | cardano.org | adascan.net | cryptoground.com

tronscan.org | trexplorer.io |

moneblocks.info | minergate.com | chainradar.com |

dash.org | cryptoid.info | blockcypher.com | coinexplorer.net | bchain.info | blockchair.com | bitinforcharts.com | prohashing.com |

Bitcoin SV/BSV
blockchair.com | bsvexplorer.info | svblox.com | bchsvexplorer.com |

tzscan.io | xtzexplorer.io | tzscan.com | tezos.id | tezex.info | ostez.com | coin.fyi |

thetangle.org | cryptoground.com | iotasear.ch |

Ethereum Classic/ETC
gastracker.io | blockscout.com | etherhub.io | etcblockexplorer.com | minergate.com | bitinforcharts.com | cryptoground.com |

explorecosmos.network | mintscan.io | bigdipper.live |

nemchina.com | nem.ninja | cryptoground.com | nemtool.com | nodeexplorer.com |

neotracker.io | neoscan.io | cryptoground.com | cryptoid.info | ilink.network |

What do you like about these different options?

Actually I prefer this https://flightadsb.variflight.com/tracker/HU8006 style. just for style reference :sweat_smile:

The number one use case for block explorers that I see being really underserved is when you want to show someone you sent them a payment, so you link to the block explorer TXID. A BE which styled this as an invoice/receipt would be really nice (a lot of BTC explorers get this wrong and show you a bunch of confusing stuff about the change UTXOs etc rather than showing the user what they are mostly likely to actually want to see…)

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I think it might be tough to create a system that doesn’t invite abuse. I wouldn’t want users to conclude that a payment had been made based on a blockchain explorer website, since there a lot of ways it could be spoofed. Everyone in the testnet is currently running mobilecoind locally, which gives them a copy of the blockchain that has been checked against the hashes reported by the validator nodes. It isn’t surfaced in the demo client, but transactions generate “receipts” that can be sent through a side channel and used to verify that a payment was completed. There’s a lot of API in place that will be put to work in a future, full-featured, desktop wallet.

For mobile users making payments in apps, there will also be a convenient end-to-end encrypted side channel in place for this and cloud infrastructure for accessing the blockchain safely.

Typically, the way that I verify I received a btc or eth payment is that someone gives me a tx ID and I check it in my wallet AND on a block explorer. It’s the combinatorial matchup of receiving a payment in my wallet and then looking that payment up on a 3rd party block explorer that makes me feel good.

This is because it would be very hard for someone to guess which payment the one they sent me on a fresh address if they weren’t the sender (since they’re the only person I shared my fresh address with).


Will MobileCoin be UTXO or account based?

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MobileCoin is UTXO based.