Where can we spend our mobilecoin?

Though I am still a bit skeptical around the fairness and the transparency allocated to the mobilecoin coin distribution (personally I wanted a bit more transparency regarding what the mobilecoin foundation intends to do with the funds it receives, not just a general “benefit Signal” response), I took the plunge as I have confidence in the actual technology behind mobilecoin.

So now that I got some mobilecoin, where do I spend it? :slight_smile:

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You could send your mobilecoins to me. Let’s see if it works :grinning:
Privacy is the new Celebrity !

It’s good to see there’s a new MOB owner out there :slightly_smiling_face: There aren’t many real spending opportunities in existence right now as MobileCoin has technically just launched. But there have been events in Berlin, Lisbon and Los Angeles (?) where people were able to buy drinks and stuff using MOB, and I’m sure there will be more in 2022.

Also please be aware that https://developers.mobilecoin.com/ just launched less than a month ago.

I’m personally looking forward to seeing the updated technical roadmap this month (MobileCoin 2021 Year in Review - MobileCoin News). In the meantime you might wanna send some MOB (0.1 or less) to forum member MUCOS in order to experience the tech :wink:

Thanks for the response. I wish Signal also accepted donations for their subscription packages with Mobilecoin!

I could see that happening.

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